wordpress updates and upkeep
Web Design

WordPress Updates and Upkeep

A neglected WordPress site is bad news, especially if it is critical to your business. Keeping your website …

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visual brand identity logo designer graphic color palette emotion copy
Brand Identity

What is Your Visual Brand Identity and Why is it Important?

It’s a new year, and you’re probably thinking about revamping your business. Am I right? Well, if that’s …

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lion tattoo be strong joshua 1 verse 9

A Glimpse into the New Ink

“Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts.” ~ Michael …

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reasons to opt for professional graphic design

7 Reasons To Opt For a Professional Graphic Designer

Professional graphic designer or DIY? What a conundrum! When your car breaks down, do you pop the hood …

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small business website must-haves

Small Business Website Must-Haves

A small business website is not just about selling your products or services. It's about providing value to …

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every door direct mail EDDM services Norfolk NE
Print Services

EDDM® 101 For Nebraska Small Businesses

For many Nebraska small businesses, especially after being shut down for a while last year, owners are looking …

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why you still need business cards in 2021
Business Cards

4 Reasons Why You Still Need A Business Card In 2021

Business cards were born in Europe in the seventeenth century. Prosperous aristocrats used them to announce their impending …

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small business branding with creatively seeded norfolk ne

Small Business Branding Thoughts From Two Nebraska Girls

We were going to open this blog with a “branding a cow” joke… because we’re from Nebraska. But …

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back to school rules for business from kids

The Kids’ Back-To-School Rules For Business

This week and next week, the kids are all heading back to school. Between the two of us, …

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covid-19 corona virus thankful grateful pandemic

Why We’re Grateful For The Coronavirus Pandemic (No, Seriously!)

So maybe Tracee and I are a little kooky this week, or maybe we’re VERY into this whole …

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