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Helpful Tips & Scams to Be Aware of

Helpful Tips & Scams to Be Aware of

be aware of scams

I have had some clients reach out with concerns about communication they’ve recently received. Some clients receive phone calls, but mostly they receive emails. These emails claim certain things such as “your domain is expiring” or “domain errors” which seem very concerning, right?

So, I wanted to take an opportunity to write about some tips of things to be cautious of or keep in mind, when you receive communication such as this.

A Prime “Scam” Example

As I typed up a newsletter to send to all my client concerning this very thing, I received an email that is a prime example of what I’m talking about here. In the email, the scammer is telling me I my website doesn’t work properly on mobile phones. Hmm, that’s interesting, I just pulled up my website on my mobile phone and it works perfectly. Take a look at the email screenshot below. It really makes me shake my head and laugh.

Additional Scam Examples


While not all of you may have a website or domain name with me, this is still very important to keep in mind because this happens regardless of where your domain name is registered. You may receive an email claiming that your domain name is about to expire and demands for you to pay a certain dollar amount to keep your domain name. 

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–> Click to view example 2

TIP 1 – Please, please, please DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING in those emails (they may contain a virus). Please reach out to the person or company you believe your domain name is registered with to confirm whether or not your domain name is expiring. 

TIP 2 – Check who the email is actually coming from and what the email is for the reply-to address. Sometimes these will be 2 completely different email addresses. If you don’t recognize anything in that email as a legitimate sender, disregard the email.


Again, you may not have a website with me, but one of the biggest issues I see is spamming emails claiming your website has poor SEO and how they can help you with better results. I personally receive these types of emails as well. When clients have asked me about these messages, I can tell these people haven’t taken any time to look at the website, how it was built or what type of SEO was incorporated into the site. If you receive emails such as this, please be extra cautious, these emails are most likely not genuine. I would encourage you to disregard the emails or reach out to the person who developed or built your site with any concerns. 


You may also receive other emails that are scams as well. I received emails recently that appeared to be coming from Square (credit card reader) and Amazon. 

Again, please-please-please DO NOT CLICK on anything in those emails, they may contain a virus; and check the actual email address it’s coming from and/or the reply-to. If the email listed has nothing to do with the actual domain name of the company, it’s a scam.

Things to look for or NOT DO:

1️⃣ One of the FIRST things to do:
Check to see the email address of the sender and/or what the reply to email address is. If it is not from the actual domain name of that company, this is a scam!
? ❌ DO NOT ? ❌ do anything or click on anything!

2️⃣ Next thing to check if you’re still not sure:
At the bottom of the email, there should be (by law), a company (or individual) name, an address, etc. In the example of the Amazon email I got, it not only lists a very odd reply to email address that is not associated with at all, it lists some very strange name and address. Again, this indicates a SCAM!

3️⃣ Lastly:
If you are still unsure if there is anything legit about this, go to your web browser and go directly to your login from there, maybe send an email from your account once you’ve logged in, or find the company phone number and call them to check.

Be Cautious

There are many ways people can communicate and try to deceive others, and for multiple different things. My hope is that this will encourage you to be extra cautious in what they say or what they are telling you to do, and that these examples help give you a few things to watch for.

As always, I pray abundant blessings upon you, your business and your families, today and always!

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