Meet Jonny

Meet Jonny

My Motto: Don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.

Who I Am

I am a marketing focused person with a goal to remain ahead of the curve using modern marketing strategies. I am passionate about helping small businesses grow and build success.

My Specialties

Social Media Marketing
Graphic Design
Digital Advertising

About Jonny

Growing up, I believed I was destined for greatness! I’ve always been a creative person with an active imagination. After college and a constraining career in the IT industry, I started a small business producing hemp-based, eco-friendly candles. This rapidly expanded and allowed me to work for myself, full-time!

Early on in my business, I recognized that the areas of marketing is what genuinely excited me. After several requests to help other businesses, I decided to start up my own marketing firm and put my talents to use. Since then, I have worked on hundreds of projects for several companies, both large and small.


Jonny Mocha
Digital Marketer & Social Media Guru

Social Media Marketing Manager | Copywriter | Designer

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My Goals + Commitment

My goal is to remain ahead of the curve in terms of modern marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), digital ads, social media advertising, and more. I am committed to constantly learning new skills and enhancing my knowledge, enabling me to develop the most effective marketing strategies for clients. I look forward to getting to know you, and working with you to help with your marketing and design needs!

Where do I begin? From the minute I was introduced to Jonny, I absolutely adored him and felt like I had known him for forever! 

Jonny has become my right-hand man, a team member, a friend, a collaborator and so much more! He has a wealth of experience as well as a HUGE drive and passion for marketing! I am excited to have him working with me and our Creatively Seeded clients!

Combined with Jonny's creative ideas, his excellent and prompt customer service, and his passion to providing clients with the necessary techniques and strategies, we are sure to help clients with the growth they are looking for! Jonny has absolutely become a fundamental part of our Creatively Seeded team!

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