Meet Paula

Meet Paula

My Motto: I can tackle anything with God... and lots of coffee!

Who Am I

I am a faith-filled entrepreneur, a mom to four girls, a puppy owner, a baby cuddler, a writer, and a self-proclaimed coffee addict.

My Specialties

Digital Marketing
Strategic Communications
Virtual Team-Building

About Paula

I was a single mom for many years and my girls and I have a special bond because of this. I stay involved in their lives and in our community by volunteering on committees, at school, and for special projects that I feel passionately about.

A few years ago, I met a wonderful man and we had a little girl who’s rounded out our family. (Needless to say, Matt is VERY outnumbered in our home!) And just like Tracee, I tend to get chatty so my girls like to tease me about talking too much, too!

paula dodds copywriter social media marketing manager
Paula Dodds
Digtal Marketing Manager aka"Digital Diva"
Copywriter | Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager |  eCommerce
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Work Experience

I’ve been working from my home office as a Virtual Assistant/Copywriter since 2000, back before Facebook was popular and we used faxes for way too much! I love working with small business owners and nonprofit founders, discovering their passion and pride, and using that to craft the perfect marketing messages for them. I recently took a position as the Director of Operations with the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska, a small nonprofit operating out of Lincoln. I have the wonderful opportunity to use both sides of my brain in this position – creative and linear. There’s never a boring day!

Paula has been a saving grace, and an answer to a prayer. God knew exactly Creatively Seeded needed not only for our own marketing, but for Creatively Seeded clients. Her work ethics are very similar to mine and she is a perfect fit. I'm so excited and thankful to have her work with me and with our clients!

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