Elite Realty EDDM Postcard

Elite Realty Every Door Direct EDDM postcard mailing print Norfolk NE

Elite Realty EDDM Postcard

Elite Realty is a real estate agency located in Humphrey, Nebraska. Elite Realty offers current real estate listings in Norfolk, Nebraska, and the surrounding areas. Listings include homes for sale, residential and commercial properties as well as agricultural farm land.

The Project

Elite Realty was looking for a way to get information out to the surrounding communities about their new team member, Joe Korus. Joe is Elite Realty’s land sales specialist in agricultural land sales. Since regular postage can be rather expensive, we opted to utilize the Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, service. 

Postcard size: 11×6.125

Working with Tracee on the EDDM has been wonderful. She was very quick to get designs put together, make changes if we needed them, and submit for mailing. She took care of everything for us, and really made it easy for us to get our message out to every mailbox in our local area about our business.
Joe Korus
Elite Realty