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The Importance Of Having A Good Team (& Tips For How To Get There)

The Importance Of Having A Good Team (& Tips For How To Get There)

teamwork makes the dream work

We recently had a client come to us needing a new website after a former web designer left them without one.

They needed their website to inform customers about their services.

They needed their website to inform customers of their contact information and hours.

They needed their website to book new business.

They needed their website.

This experience gave us a great reminder of how important it is to have a great team behind you in your business. A team you can trust and who can push you to do better, be better. If you can’t guarantee that your team is going to be there, finishing projects, and working on what they’re supposed to be working on, isn’t that worse than having no team at all? It’s almost as bad as trying to do it all yourself!

So what are our proven tips for being a great team for each of our clients?

We try to be team members who complement each others’ strengths and stretch each other to be better.

Tracee is great at design and Paula’s quite the wordsmith (…if she does say so herself. And she does, because she’s writing this blog post!). We complement each other nicely. We push each other to learn new things and question each other when we don’t understand something. When we’re trying to troubleshoot something for a client, we really push each other to make sure it’s the best fit and that we’re solving the “big picture” problem, not just the immediate issue.

We aim to be team members who regularly check-in.

Okay, maybe we get a bit too chatty on our calls, but Tracee and I like having regular check-ins. We don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call each other when we have questions on projects. We also like to make sure we’re checking in with clients throughout a project that we’re working on. Moreover, we don’t like to just drop you once we’re done with that project, we’re generally already in touch talking about the next project and how we can help.

Photographer Credit: Paula Dodds by Stephanie Wheelock & Tracee Larson by KP Photography

We aim to treat Creatively Seeded customers like our own families.

We want to make sure that when work gets handed over, that work is done with the utmost care and precision. It doesn’t matter if it’s a marketing piece, a design piece, a new website, or social media content. We want to make sure that we’re doing our best work for our clients.  

We like to have fun.

Tracee and I both love our work and getting to interact with our clients. But we also love to have fun. On our team calls, we’re definitely laughing a ton! Our favorite clients are ones who can meet with us – on the phone or in-person – and laugh with us, while we’re all getting our work done.

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