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The Kids’ Back-To-School Rules For Business

The Kids’ Back-To-School Rules For Business

back to school rules for business from kids

This week and next week, the kids are all heading back to school. Between the two of us, we have college kids, a high schooler, elementary schoolers, and one little one still at home (all girls!). So, as moms, we’re a little fried. The kids took over this week’s blog post with their advice for small business owners – based on some of their own classroom rules. (Did you know that everything you needed to learn about life you learned in kindergarten?)

Back-To-School Rule #1 For Business – Use equipment & technology properly.

“Take advantage of social media.”
~Brady, age 20 (college senior)

Okay, we’re a little biased here, but Brady is spot on. It’s important to leverage social media to help get the word out about small businesses. It’s much more affordable than using traditional marketing and can help small businesses become much bigger!

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should have your business up on every social media platform. Choose two or three that will benefit your business the most and focus on those to build your following!

Back-To-School Rule #2 For Business – Ask questions.

“Ask questions. Make sure you’re listening to the answers with ears and your eyes!” 
~Emma, age 18 (college freshman)

Emma just handled a project this week that took information from multiple sources and condensed it down into one easily-digestible spreadsheet. There were a LOT of questions to get it set up. But the result was a beautiful finished product. 

We like questions. It’s how we learn!

Back-To-School Rule #3 For Business – Have a good attitude, be honest, and use positive language.

“Customer service is important so being friendly and honest with them is important.”
~Jaidyn, age 14 (high school freshman)

Have you ever been accused by your children of having a customer service “voice” when you’re speaking to clients or customers? WE HAVE! 

Jaidyn’s absolutely correct, though. A little smile when you’re talking to someone goes a long way! (And so does that honesty factor!)

Back-To-School Rule #4 For Business – Make good use of your resources.

“Don’t overspend your budget…. Money or time!”
~Stella, age 11 (5th grade)

Stella is a little more pragmatic, but she has a great point, too. When we take on a new client or project, we make sure we have the time to devote to them. 

And, as small business owners ourselves, we also always strive to keep an eye on the bottom line.

Back-To-School Rule #5 For Business – Always do your best. Work hard. Listen to God.

“My advice for you is that you’re doing something that you love. You’re going to take risks so just go for it. It’s going to be tough. There’s gonna be some rough patches, but you’re just going to push through…. God is telling you when you’re setting up your own business that this is what you’re meant to be: Your own boss. Life’s gonna be challenging. We’re gonna have to take risks. But in the end, it’s gonna be fine. You’re gonna have to work hard because money doesn’t come easy. You have to work for it. Just keep telling yourself it’s fine. We’re going to make it through this. And the biggest thing is that you have to trust God because God’s putting you through this for a reason.”
~Taylor, age 10 (5th grade)

Tracee’s daughter Taylor is spot on here (specifying because I also have a Taylor). Tracee and I definitely feel that God called us to “work for ourselves.” 

We love the clients that we have and the work that we do. Our lives are practically vocations.

When God’s calling you to a specific purpose in your life, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be trouble-free, but it does mean it’s going to be worth it!

Back-To-School Rule #6 For Business – . . . . . .

~Taylor (aka “TJ”), almost 18 months

Since this is my Taylor and she’s not quite verbalizing perfectly yet, I’ll translate for her. 

“Sometimes a nap helps your outlook and gets your brain going again.”

Okay, maybe the nap rule is really just for preschool and kindergarten. But it works for adults, too. Rest is a necessary part of being a small business owner. If you don’t take care of yourself, your business will suffer.

Now that the kids have finished their assignment and done their moms’ blog post, we can just say how grateful we are that school is back in session and things are getting back to normal, or, at least, more normal!

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