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Why Do We Suggest WordPress For Our Clients?

Why Do We Suggest WordPress For Our Clients?

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Okay, so by now, you know that we LOVE WordPress. We love the themes available, the versatility, and working in the backend for content management is EASY!

But occasionally, when we work with new clients, we get asked why we only work with WordPress sites when we’re designing new websites for them. So here’s our list of WHYs:

WordPress is responsive and mobile-friendly.

What does that mean to our clients? It means that no matter what device their user is on, the website will still look okay. Whether the user is on a desktop computer with a wider display or a laptop with a smaller display or a cell phone, the site will display well and not look disproportionate.

grace lutheran church norfolk ne mobile friendly website design creatively seeded

WordPress is customizable.

It doesn’t matter if our client is a photographer, a real estate company, a small business owner, a nonprofit, a restaurant, a salon, or anything else under the sun, we can customize the WordPress site so that it best represents their line of business and serves their customers the best.

WordPress has a plethora of theme options available – which saves our clients money!

With so many theme options available, we don’t have to spend time custom coding and building a site from scratch, we can go in and customize an existing template to make it work for our clients. This saves us time, yes. But more importantly, it saves our clients MONEY!

WordPress is popular.

WordPress is the most popular content management system out there, and not just with smaller businesses and organizations either. Many larger organizations are now using WordPress to manage their online presence.

This popularity means that it’s also always improving! Multiple companies are developing new plugins, new templates and themes, new software to improve the WordPress experience every day!

WordPress is SEO friendly.

With different plugins available (we like Yoast SEO), we can help you rank in the search engines!

WordPress is easy to learn for quick updates!

One of the best ways we save our clients money is with our “How To” document that we write up. We teach our clients how to update different content on their site – text, blog posts, shopping cart products, etc. – so that they can make those easy updates themselves. We’re not just interested in making money and continuing to charge, we want to teach you to take control of your website for your day-to-day changes.

Are you ready to get started with your new WordPress website?

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