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Why We’re Grateful For The Coronavirus Pandemic (No, Seriously!)

Why We’re Grateful For The Coronavirus Pandemic (No, Seriously!)

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So maybe Tracee and I are a little kooky this week, or maybe we’re VERY into this whole gratitude thing this year. Either way, we have been identifying some significant ways that the Coronavirus pandemic has been affecting our lives, in a good way! 

The Pandemic Has Given Us Time To Plan For Our Business

When we are working day-to-day in our clients’ businesses and on our own, some weeks it’s tough to take some strategic time for ourselves. 

When life went on lockdown in March, we suddenly had more time. This brought in new business lines (watch for our upcoming announcement!) and more work on our own websites and skillsets. 

It’s been wonderful to have more strategy calls in our weekly agendas! (And it’s even more wonderful to be checking items off of our “someday” to-do lists!)

The Pandemic Has Given Us Time To Plan For Our Clients’ Businesses

In addition to being able to be more strategic about Creatively Seeded, we also have had a chance to look more closely at our clients’ needs and see where we can improve their online presence and branding.

Over the past few months, we have upgraded websites, added eCommerce solutions in for brick-and-mortar businesses, revamped social media marketing plans and more.

The Pandemic Has Given Us Time To Roll Out New Business Lines

Wow, look at all of the hints we’re dropping this week here in our blog and on our Facebook page for our new surprise!

We released the new Creatively Seeded website recently – and have another surprise coming in the next couple of weeks. And, no, it’s not just Tracee’s new desk!

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The Pandemic Has Given Us Time With Family

I’ve been working from home for twenty years now since my oldest daughter was born. Tracee’s been home with her girls for a while now, too. Our work is like another child to us – and sometimes it’s the “squeaky wheel” that gets the most attention. 

When the world came screeching to a halt, it gave us time with our daughters. Okay, maybe too much time, especially when one came home from college and invaded the house (ahem, Paula’s oldest!), but still…..

The Pandemic Has Given Us Time To Re-Balance & Re-Connect

If you follow us on social media, you’ll see that we like to take some adventures in our off time. Since we had more “off-time” in the past few months, we got to have a few more adventures. Tracee’s been meeting more people. I took my girls hiking. 

It’s been great to be “forced” to take more time away from our computers and re-connect and re-balance. While the pandemic has been stressful, it’s also taken some of the stress off of us.

What Are You Grateful For?

We’d love to hear stories of anything you’re grateful for or blessings you’ve received out of 2020’s Coronavirus pandemic. Share them here in the comments or on our social media posts about this blog!

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